Our History

The GemTrans Solutions Team has been in the medical transportation industry since 1997. The management team all had their beginnings working in the ambulance and ambulette fields. GemTrans was created in direct response to the spiraling costs for these services.

Our solutions are aimed at the main causes of the increased costs – inefficiency, waste, fraud and abuse. With their knowledge and experience in transportation logistics and claims processing, GemTrans has been credited with saving its clients millions of dollars since its inception.

Our Mission

At GemTrans Solutions, we always Go the Extra Mile. Our mission is a simple but important one – to take the burdens of medical transportation off of our clients’ shoulders.

Our Philosophy

GemTrans is committed to providing exemplary transportation logistics management, maintaining a superior standard of professional care while enhancing profitability for our clients. GemTrans is dedicated to providing optimal service and cost efficiency at every stage of the transportation process.

As we continue to grow and develop, our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing that they can count on GemTrans Solutions to continue its tradition of excellence while consistently meeting the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

GemTrans About Us