Transportation is the Driving Force in Healthcare

GemTrans Solutions was created in order to help healthcare facilities do what they do best – care for their residents and patients. We do this by coordinating and handling all facets of their medical transportation needs from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art Call Center, reliable provider network, claims processing specialists and experienced management teams work all together to produce superior and efficient service with significant cost savings for our clients.

Safe Travel with Proper Care

Whether the individual can walk independently or needs assistance, our network of carefully screened providers have the right staff with the right vehicle at the right time to take them for medical treatment. GemTrans also ensures that the resident or patient had a positive experience and was treated with the utmost respect. We use passenger surveys and regularly monitor feedback so that we can continually improve on the quality of service being provided.

Efficient Claims Administration

GemTrans serves as the central point of contact for all of our clients’ needs from call intake to complaint resolution. Our specially trained Customer Service Representatives use multiple databases to identify the most appropriate and lowest cost travel options for each patient’s individual needs which reduces the denial of claims. We also diligently research all sources for coverage and reimbursement for the travel so that payment is made by the proper party.

Affordable Cost

GemTrans clients gain a competitive edge in the healthcare industry by reducing its medical transportation expenses. We ensure the proper mode of transportation at the lowest cost is used. This results in substantial savings and much needed budget predictability for healthcare facilities and insurers.